About The Association...

Mission & Vision

In pursuing the association's objectives as a Non-stock/Non-government organization, PHAP shall undertake the following:

  1. To promote general public welfare through the development of excellent and professional hospital care for the people.
  2. To foster fellowship among member hospitals as well as their staff.
  3. To organized and integrate plan of action that will enable the members to procure medical supplies, equipment and medicine at lower prices authorized by law;
  4. To promote the relevant and realistic hospital management and administration and insure integrity and quality of service;
  5. To stimulate state-of-the-art medical research and encourage scientific activities in the ecosystems;
  6. To unite members for the common good and understanding in the free discussion of problems affecting their services and above all to protect all members against unwarranted impositions of rules and regulations by the government;
  7. To acquire either by our chase, leave of otherwise real estate for the establishment and construction of a building for the use and convenience of the association's members, and
  8. To maintain it's firm commitment and role as healthcare provider rendering affordable medical services.