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PHAPi Letter to PHIC re:Circular 2017-2008

Dear Dr. Dela Serna,

      The PHAPi  has received so many calls expressing their serious concern about the new PHIC Circular No. 2017-0028, more particularly under its General Guidelines, Section V (B) thereof  which reads partly as follows –

“All claims application for pneumonia, acute gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection and sepsis  shall require submission of their corresponding certified true copy of complete clinical chart of the patients, which details the history of present illness, course in the  ward, vital signs monitoring, doctors’ orders sheet, nurses’ notes, laboratory and imaging results, among others”


      Member hospitals of the PHAPi are concerned about the prior patient’s consent requirement of the Data Privacy Law.  We take note that the patient’s designation of the PhilHealth as the patient’s representative to request for the patient’s clinical record was signed before the Data Privacy Law was passed.  Now that it has been passed, the processing of the health information of the patient requires his/her prior consent.  Please take note also that the health information is highly categorized under the law as Personal Sensitive Information.  In connection with this may we respectfully pray therefore that the requirement to submit the complete clinical chart under Circular No. 2017-0028 be deferred, if not nullified, to conform with the Data Privacy Law.


The PHAPi, as always, reiterates its support to the leadership of the PhilHealth. 

Thank you.