Indeed, the never ending saga and the most difficult challenging times in the history of hospital industry, government and private, faced with government’s overregulation(s), to name a few: Philhealth’s Performance Commitment Document, Case Rate and NBB lingering issues, persisting reimbursement problems (RTH and denials), IT provider requirement for e-Claims (latest); DOH’s A.O. 2012-2012 on Downgraded Hospitals contrary to the AO itself (and its effect on Philhealth payment) especially those downgraded to Primary Health Care Facility and Infirmary, the extended deadline on the required on-line drug price monitoring, sharing of Senior Citizens’ Discount with Pharmaceuticals; BIR’s imposition of tax on Charity Hospitals; Expiration of deadline to comply with Water Sprinkler this February of 2013 and other requirements of the Bureau of Fire Protection; Upcoming more strict implementation of the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act according to pronouncements by the DENR, now the need to revisit the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers and Salary Standardization Law for government hospitals, national and local, in addition to the planned corporatization of government hospitals and the intended PPP for hospital service.